My photographic beginnings came from recording the painstaking process of restoring historic sites in Iran.

Having been interested in history, as a young man it was a natural progression to get involved with restoration of ancient historical sites.

 In order to document the process I became very well acquainted with my first camera. My interest and knowledge in History lead me start giving historical tours, where there were many opportunities to take amazing pictures of these fantastic locations.

This really introduced me to lighting and understanding how the time of day and thus angle of light made all the difference. Having firmly cemented my interest in photography the best way to improve my skills was to attend: Black and White, for technical photographic training. Shortly there after, getting State certified to work as a professional photographer in Iran.

Now equipped with the knowledge of History, and photography I began writing articles and getting published as a journalist. I traveled all through the Middle East as a journalist for five years meeting many different people and learning to tell their story.

This visual story telling has been my strength as I’ve immigrated to Canada and diversified into various freelance markets. To further support this diversification I have continued my education through Seneca College, various workshops and mentoring a seasoned professional. In addition I have been volunteering and freelancing regularly to gain general experience in these new fields, as well as how to do business in Canada.

I would like to think that my photographic journey has no destination but will continue throughout my career. For now, at least, I feel my ability and equipment are at an all time high and improving every day. As Henri Cartier‐Bresson said:

“In photography sometimes the smallest thing can be a great subject…”
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